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Database of Medeaval Korean Morphemes
http://www.krling.com/KRLOAN/ Database of Contemporary Korean Loanwords
http://www.krling.com/YBKRLOAN/ Database of Contemporary Yanbian Korean Loanwords (with sounds)
http://www.krling.com/KRHIST/ Shinpei OGURA on Korean Linguistics
http://www.krling.com/KRTEXT/ Korean historical texts
http://www.krling.com/KRBIB/ Bibliography of Korean Linguistics
http://www.krling.com/KRBIB/SKR/ full text index to ITO's "Sino-Korean Phonology" (2008)
http://www.krling.com/KRACC/ Contemporary Korean accent
http://www.krling.com/KRDICT/ Middle Korean Accent Dictionary
http://www.krling.com/OGURA/ The OGURA BUNKO Korean Collection (dpt. of Linguistics, U. Tokyo, Japan)
(in preparation) Database of Sino-Korean
(in preparation) Database of Contemporary Korean Accents

resources of Korean

http://www.krling.com/KRMODERN/downloadable/ downloadable resources of modern Korean
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